Olive Oil FAQ's

Q: What are the different grades of olive oil?
Extra Virgin
Must be made from fresh olives, extracted from the fruit solely by mechanical means.
Fruit must be of high quality, processed soon after harvest, and with clean equipment.
Must be able to pass a taste test by an International Olive Council (IOC) recognized panel indicating some fruitiness and zero defects.
Contains naturally occurring antioxidants and polyphenols.
Temperature during processing cannot exceed 86ºF (30ºC)
No solvents can be used in the process.
Must not be mixed with oils made from seeds, nuts, pomace (milling leftovers).
Must meet specific standards of over 20 laboratory tests.
Free fatty acid level cannot exceed 0.8% and peroxide value must be <20 meq O2.

Virgin Olive Oil

This oil is of lesser quality than Extra Virgin and may have some defects.
The average sensory analysis of the taste panel must be from 0 to 2.5.
Free fatty acid level cannot exceed 2%.
This oil is not very common in the United States.

Pure Olive Oil

This is refined olive oil (which is odorless and tasteless) that has been flavored with a little extra virgin olive oil

Light Olive Oil

This oil is essentially the same thing as “pure” olive oil.
It is made from refined olive oil that is “light in flavor”.
The amount of fat and number of calories are the same as any other olive oil.

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Q: Why should I buy California Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Because you want fresh extra virgin olive oil that is grown, extracted, and bottled under California’s strict guidelines. European olive oil may be over 6 months old before it even gets to the United States, even if the bottle says “extra virgin” there is no guarantee that its “extra virgin” olive oil in the bottle, and European growers and processors do not follow the same food safety requirements that California growers and processors must follow.

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